Rotterdam's Floating Pavilion op CNN

23-8-2013 16:36:48


1. Floating homes

Rotterdam's Floating Pavilion

Rotterdam Marketing

To cope with rising sea levels, Rotterdam plans to build floating urban districts calling for 13,000 climate-proof floating homes in by 2040 -- of which around 1,200 would be built on top of the water.

To showcase how this might work, the Rotterdam Climate Initiative commissioned the "Floating Pavilion". Constructed by Dura Vermeer, the three transparent interconnected domes are perfectly positioned in the Rotterdam City Harbor, Rijnhaven.

Not only is the structure almost entirely self sufficient due to the solar powered heating and air conditioning, it's also built with a special plastic material, which is 100 times lighter than glass.

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Drijvend Paviljoen
Tillemakade 99 "parallel aan de Posthumalaan 90"
3072 AX Rotterdam