The Floating Pavilion is a unique floating venue in the center of Rotterdam. It can be rented partly or entirely for conferences, exhibitions, presentations, receptions and dinners.

The pavilion is located right in the new center of City Of The Year 2015, Rotterdam. This new center is a hotspot for culture, innovation, sustainability, festivals and culinary novelties. The Floating Pavilion offers extended value to meetings through its innovative and sustainable character. Especially when it comes to topics like innovation, sustainability, cleantech or the future of your organization it is a unique and perfect location.




The auditorium has a capacity of over 150 people and has good audiovisual equipment.The space is very modern with light materials and is widely used for presentations, workshops, debates and talk shows.




The Foyer is a wide, light space inside the two largest domes. Here you are literally floating in the new center with spectacular views of the Kop van Zuid (Head of South). This space is very suitable for receptions, dinners, product presentations and workshops. You can welcome up to 400 guests.


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The Floating Pavilion features a terrace on the water. The terrace offers fantastic view over the Southbank with its striking buildings like Hotel New York and De Rotterdam. During fine weather it is an exceptionally lovely place for lunch or after-congress drinks.

The terrace can also serve as a showroom for your products. Even cars have good access via the two bridges. It is possible to build tents on the terrace in order to increase capacity. Ships can moor at the terrace for you and your guests to embark and sail around the port of Rotterdam. Clients looking for a special or additional space for their event regularly have 'workshop boats' moor at the pavilion.

The terrace can add great value on a culinary level by having The Rolling Kitchen cook for your guests or have Bram Ladage bake his fine sustainable fries, cheese soufflés and meatballs on the spot.



The Floating Pavilion is open on a few days every year.  When there are new dates available, they will be put on this website.






The sustainability of the pavilion lies in the used materials, the flexibility and the overall finishing. The building is heated and cooled with solar energy and surface water. It has different climate zones; the energy is used only where it is needed at that moment. In the field of energy the pavilion greatly provides in his own needs. The pavilion also purifies its own toilet water. What remains can be discharged safely into surface water. Extra special is the foil that covers the domes. This so-called ETFE-foil is about 100 times lighter than glass, limiting the need for a thick floating foundation.



The construction of the pavilion and the square island started in october 2009 in the Heijsehaven in Rotterdam. In order to keep these islands light and unsinkable the floating body is made up of slabs of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or polystyrene foam. There are five layers of EPS altogether. The thinnest layer is 20 cm and the thickest is 75 centimeters thick. The thickest layer is a grid of concrete beams. On these bars the prefab concrete slabs are mounted. The plates form the hard shell of the island and protect against the influence of waves and weather. On top there is a 20 centimeter thick concrete floor that, along with the beams, make the island a rigid unit. The thickness of the island is 2.25 meters. The top of the floor is 80 centimeters above the water level. In may 2010, the floating pavilion was towed to the Rhine harbor via the Nieuwe Maas, an event that made the national news broadcast.





The floating pavilion is partly financed by the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Commission.





The Floating Pavilion is not only special because of its looks. It is most of all climate change resilient, innovative, sustainable and flexible. The pavilion is a pilot and a catalyst for floating construction in Rotterdam. It consists of three interlinked spheres, the largest of which has a radius of 12 meters. The floor space of the pavilion island is over 46 to 24 meters.
The pavilion is located in the Rijnhaven and will stay there at least until 2019. This port is very suitable for the pavilion because of its moderate waves. The nautical use the Rijnhaven by inland ships has been decreasing since the port is destined to be a future leisure port. The Rijnhaven is well served by public transport, also over water.






Because the building floats it automatically rises and lowers along with the water. This makes the pavilion an example of climate change resilient building in Rotterdam. The innovative pavilion unites and illustrates the objectives of the City of Rotterdam to reduce greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions and to ensure that the city remains climate change resilient in the future.

The building is easily recognizable by its distinctive shape and can be seen from the Erasmus Bridge. The floating pavilion is the first result of Rotterdam Climate Proof (part of the Rotterdam Climate Initiative) to build climate-proof in areas outside the city's levees.

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Call or email:
T: 0031 10 750 3535 / 0031 6 8365 7361


Postal address:

Lloydstraat 5
3024 EA Rotterdam


Visiting address:

Tillemakade 99 3072 AX Rotterdam

Adress for navigation:

Posthumalaan 90

(the pavilion is located opposite number 90)


Public transport:

From Rotterdam Central station:

Metro (line D)

Tram (lines 20, 23 and 25)

Randstadrail (Line E, direction 'Slinge').
All stop at ‘Wilhelminaplein’.
For the metro you need an OV-Chip card.


Guided tours via:


T: 0031 10 433 2231






If you have questions, want a quotation or visit the Floating Pavilion first to experience the atmosphere and the potential for you or your client, please send us a message via the form on the right. We will answer your question as quickly and effectively as possible and/or contact you in order to serve you as best as possible.


We look forward to your response and the possibility to make your event special.